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Kinder Cleaners Kit

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Exposure to common household cleaners, even for a short duration over a period of time, is as harmful as smoking for your lungs. Our Essential Cleaners Kit cares for your health, your loved ones and the planet too. It is a bundle of four core home cleaners which are a must for every household. No-tox, safe yet powerful clean for your homes.

Safe, Grease-fighter, Eco-friendly Dishwash Liquid | 500 ml - 1 qty
Plant-based surfactants and enzymes power up the anti-grease action in this super-safe dishwash liquid. Leaves no toxic residue on your dishes, removes tough stains and does not damage your cookware. Perfect for baby dishes too.

Safe, Stain-fighter, Eco-friendly Laundry Liquid | 500 ml - 1 qty
Made with plant-based surfactants and powered by enzymes, it fights tough stains, and retains the colour and texture of the fabric. Low-foaming formula, perfect for both front load and top load washing machines, and hand wash too.

Baby-Safe, Pet-Safe, Eco-friendly Floor Cleaner | 500 ml - 1 qty
Naturally derived surfactants stir up activity on the floor surface to trap and remove dirt. Suitable for all hard surfaces like glass, marble, shiny polished floor and granite. Probably India’s only floor cleaner with reusable wastewater! Safe enough to water your plants.

Safe, No-Fume, Eco-friendly Toilet Cleaner | 500 ml - 1 qty
Naturally derived ingredients and non-pathogenic microbes in this powerful formula clean your toilet without releasing toxic fumes. Post-wash action continues to prevent choked drains.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
It was good product

cost effective

Jayashree Balakrishnan

My mother instilled in me the habit of using natural cleaners at home while I was growing up. I always wanted to pass on this legacy to my children. With The Better Home products, it's now possible! All the products are excellent. Kudos to the team.

Prateek Gosain

If you want to take your step in saving the environment, start using the Better Home. The products are affordable, eco-friendly and yet there is no compromise on quality.

Nupur R

The Better Home cleaners are superstars of sorts when it comes to home cleaners, especially because they provide a 'three-in-one' solution: convenient to use, eco-friendly, & pocket-friendly. Thanks to these awesome products, I don't hate cleaning chores anymore. :)


For once, a manufacturer has taken the initiative to recycle the packaging responsibly. Just having this thought means they've got to a great start. @greenhomemaker wishes you all the best!

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More info:

Our food is served in dishes which need to be clean to prevent contaminants. Dish wash liquid cleans thoroughly and leaves no residue which are harmful when consumed. Surfactants derived from plants release the grip of tough stains and grease on dish surfaces. The enzymes in dish wash liquid aid in the decomposition of organic debris. It is safe for glass, ceramics, and metal and protects the surface of fragile cookware. The liquid dishwasher detergent is free from all the harmful chemicals like Chlorine Bleach, Ammonia or Phosphates.