Product FAQs

Can I change the quantities of individual products when I subscribe to this kit?
Yes, you can! If you need more laundry liquid, go ahead and add more. Or add more toilet cleaners if you want to keep one in every restroom. You can personalise the All-in-one Home Kit based on your own requirement.



Based on 6 reviews

Puneet Arya

Believe it or not, we gifted ourselves this lovely kit for our first anniversary! We had vowed to live a sustainable, chemical-free life as far as possible and this kit was our very first step! Safe, natural products for most of the home cleaning needs. The cleaners are fantastic and the air freshener is heavenly. Feels amazing that while keeping our homes clean, we are not making the environment dirty.

Sujata Srivastava

I was always worried about the chemical residue that regular dishwashing liquids left behind on the dishes and the damage they did to my hands. I was pleasantly surprised to discover The Better Home. Not only does the dishwash liquid leave dishes squeaky clean, it is great for my hands too! I feel good knowing that this product doesn't damage the environment.

Venkatramani Sitaram

For our clothes, we use a top loading washing machine & the laundry liquid has shown incredible results. The floor & toilet cleaners are amazing too. Our home is mopped on a daily basis & has always been super clean ever since we made the switch. All products come well-packaged in reusable high-quality plastic containers. We have not faced any trouble navigating through the online ordering process or the courier delivery.

Lavanya Shah

The thickness of the coconut scrubs is just perfect. It's a great way to bring back the rural practices with an urban twist! Kudos team.

Swapnil Petare

A green way to get rid of garbage! The garbage bags can be composted, so do not harm the environment. Great initiative, kudos, team!


I am extremely happy with the quality of the products and the bonus is it’s eco-friendly!!