Product FAQs

Can I change the quantities of individual products when I subscribe to this kit?
Yes, you can! If you need more Dishwash Liquid, go ahead and add more quantities. Or add more Coconut Scrub Pads. You can personalise the Cool Kitchen Kit based on your own requirement.



Based on 5 reviews

Preethi Nagraj

What a fantastic box! It has almost everything I need to keep my kitchen clean. Special mention for the amazing Multi-purpose cleaner. It makes my stovetop look like new, with such a delicious orange smell. Thank you, The Better Home!

Asha Venkatesh

After being diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer, the treatment made my skin very sensitive. So I started using natural products like The Better Home. I like the dishwashing liquid the most because it is safe for my skin and my vessels are so shiny after every wash. It is great value for money.

Aditi Bhandari

The Better Home is true to its name, making our homes safer with the eco-friendly ingredients. The utensils get a non-toxic wash while the hands are healthy and soft. They have a good fragrance too. They have taken me one step closer to saving the planet and I recommend them to everyone.


The Better Home cleaners have made my home more eco-friendly. The reuse bottles are reducing plastic waste generation considerably. I am happy with the cleaning quality of the laundry and dishwashing liquid; assuring no harmful residue.


The whole concept, delivery of the concept, products and their promotion is really good. I would like to see more and more people join the cause and more such products should come to market so that the reach of these products can be increased.