Product FAQs

Can I change the quantities of individual products when I subscribe to this kit?
Yes, you can! If you wash more clothes, or more often, add more Laundry Liquid bottles. If you want to keep a toilet cleaner in each bathroom, go ahead and add more quantities. You can personalise the Kinder Cleaners Kit based on your own requirement.



Based on 5 reviews

Jayashree Balakrishnan

My mother instilled in me the habit of using natural cleaners at home while I was growing up. I always wanted to pass on this legacy to my children. With The Better Home products, it's now possible! All the products are excellent. Kudos to the team.

Nupur R

The Better Home cleaners are superstars of sorts when it comes to home cleaners, especially because they provide a 'three-in-one' solution: convenient to use, eco-friendly, & pocket-friendly. Thanks to these awesome products, I don't hate cleaning chores anymore. :)

Prateek Gosain

If you want to take your step in saving the environment, start using the Better Home. The products are affordable, eco-friendly and yet there is no compromise on quality.


For once, a manufacturer has taken the initiative to recycle the packaging responsibly. Just having this thought means they've got to a great start. @greenhomemaker wishes you all the best!

Ashwin Naik

I love dogs. Along with my dog at home, I often take in puppies to foster. Dogs and puppies alike tend to lick the floor when they have an upset tummy. I’ve been on the lookout for pet-friendly cleaners for a long time now. As a ‘pawrent’ I totally recommend ‘The Better Home’ cleaners.