Product FAQs

Can I change the quantities of individual products when I subscribe to this kit?
Yes, you can! If you want to keep a toilet cleaner in each bathroom, go ahead and add more quantities. Or add more garbage bags. You can personalise the Refreshing Restroom Kit based on your own requirement.



Based on 5 reviews

Siddharth Bhagwat

I am absolutely stoked to see cleaning products in the Indian market that do not use harmful chemicals, are good for the environment, and are convenient to use at the same time! As an Environmental Consultant, I advise companies on ways to go eco-friendly but never really found products available in the market that could help reduce my own environmental footprint with such an easy choice. The Better Home's cleaning products are an absolute hit for me, it cleanses even better than regular cleaners, I sense no irritation on my skin or that toxic chemical smell we get with regular cleaning products. They really get the cleaning job done & preserve our beautiful water bodies that we all so dearly love and strive to protect.

Nidra Naik

A better world starts with each and every one of us making eco-friendly choices. I switched to The Better Home products and I'm glad I did so. These products are also safe for my pets.

Abhishek Mukherjee

Love the Air Freshener Cards! The fragrance from the cards is mild and really refreshing. I especially love the Orange Burst and Rain Forest ones. Opening the wardrobe or a car door gives me a burst of great smell.

Prashant Das

This is an amazing initiative and I support it 100% for a better planet, people and sustainable living. We need to consciously decide today so that our children can live a better future.

Naomi Raphael

I am very happy with the odour of the product, the cleaners leave a good aroma, it is quite effective.