Product FAQs

Can we use the cards in restrooms and wardrobes?
Yes, these air-freshener cards can be used in restrooms, cupboards, wardrobes, cabinets and in cars.
For how long will each card last?
Each air-freshener card lasts up to 4 weeks.



Based on 4 reviews

Siddesh Rao

5 stars! I have used many freshener products – from aerators to gels to charcoal-based. The Better Home Air Freshener Cards are by far the best. Simple paper cards doused with natural essential oils. The selection of perfumes in each pack is wide, from citrusy to woody and floral. So different spaces at home give a different feel. The fragrance isn’t too strong and easily lasts more than a month in enclosed spaces.

Rosemary Kurien

I bought them for my restrooms, but now they are in my wardrobe, shoe rack, bookshelf and also in the car. Just ditch all other fresheners and go for this. It has natural essential oils, so NO synthetic and toxic chemicals entering your respiratory system. All four fragrances are very nice, especially the Aqua Cool one.

Kalyani Das

This is a much better idea than having chemical-based room fresheners. Love the smells, packaging and cute little hearts too!

Revathi S

I ordered these cards for my car, but they are so cool I am using them everywhere. Happy that they used natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrances. And check out their smart paper-based packaging!