Product FAQs

For how long can we use a single scrub pad?
One scrub pad can be used for approximately 9-10 days.


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Long-lasting and way more effective! Just the right thickness to comfortably wash utensils. Good price too. Our elders used the coconut husk; this is a modern version for us urban folks. The best part, no microplastics running down the sink anymore.

Ashish N

The coconut scrub pads are tough and effective to clean the dishes. They are capable of removing stains from your utensils. And the best part is that it's biodegradable as they are free from microplastics.

Seema Singh

I am so happy that finally, I found an eco-friendly & biodegradable alternative to plastic-based regular scrub pads. These scrub pads are very effective in scrubbing off stains & grease from your vessels. I just loved it!

Ramandeep Kaur

I was really surprised to see that these coconut scrub pads are so effective, and they actually work! Plus points - that they are biodegradable and safe for our environment. Now I can say that I have finally discovered an alternative to the regular synthetic scrub pads. Phew!