Product FAQs

Do I need to compost it?
These bags can be composted at any industrial composting facility in your neighborhood.
How long will it take to compost?
The time taken in industrial composting conditions is 2 to 3 months. If done in home composting conditions, it may take 11 to 12 months. Compare that to over 400 years for conventional plastic!


Based on 4 reviews

Riddhi Patel

Just amazing! These bags are 100% compostable and sturdy too. Finding high-quality biodegradable garbage bags is a tough job, but luckily I discovered the garbage bags by The Better Home. Now I do not have to worry about adding more nasty plastic to the landfills by using these to dispose of my trash.

Surabhi Saraf

Been using these bags for a couple of months now, and I keep coming back to The Better Home's garbage bags again & again. Because as a responsible citizen, I believe that I should dispose of my trash more safely so that it doesn't harm the environment further. These bags have helped me get rid of the non-biodegradable, environment harming plastics completely. Thank you! The Better Home.

Kasturi Mane

I would highly recommend buying this product so that you can stay away from hazardous non-biodegradable plastic bags. Dispose of your trash guilt-free!!

Neeraj Pandya

Garbage disposal is a new headache in the cities. But with this biodegradable disposal waste bag, life has eased out a bit. Good value for money and good quality too. I highly recommend these.