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Dishwash Liquid | 500 ml bottle | Natural, Plant-based Cleaner with Grease fighter, Baby dish safe

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Powerful dishwashing detergent liquid made with plant-based surfactants that loosen the hold of tough stains and grease on dish surfaces, and enzymes that break down organic matter. Giving you a deep cleaning, without leaving any toxic residue on your dishes. Absolutely safe for baby dishes like milk bottles too. Protects the surface of delicate cookware and is completely safe for ceramic, glass and metal.

What’s inside:

Blend of plant-based surfactants
Proprietary blend of enzymes
Citrus fragrance

What’s kept out:

Chlorine Bleach



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Benita Benny

Dishwash Liquid | 500 ml bottle | Natural, Plant-based Cleaner with Grease fighter, Baby dish safe

Smriti Nair

Go for it. A very nice product. Really good. Buying this for the second time, as it doesn�t cause dry hands or allergic rashes, which is the added advantage you have other than being friendly to our environment.


Worth switching to! Removes grease and food odour from plates and other utensils completely. The dishwash liquid is also not harsh on hands. This is a regular now.

Neena Mookerjee

Try it if you care for the environment. This product is good for the environment and effective. I love its citrus aroma. I would recommend the brand to everyone I know.

Kaushik D

Easy and magical cleaning! So good for the hands too! I had allergies while using other dishwashing liquids and used to get dry hands and rashes. Not anymore! Plant-based ingredients are awesome and effective.

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More info:

Our food is served in dishes which need to be clean to prevent contaminants. Dish wash liquid cleans thoroughly and leaves no residue which are harmful when consumed. Surfactants derived from plants release the grip of tough stains and grease on dish surfaces. The enzymes in dish wash liquid aid in the decomposition of organic debris. It is safe for glass, ceramics, and metal and protects the surface of fragile cookware. The liquid dishwasher detergent is free from all the harmful chemicals like Chlorine Bleach, Ammonia or Phosphates.