Product FAQs

How to use the dishwash liquid?
For lightly greased dishes: Dilute 1 teaspoon liquid in 250 ml water and scrub the dishes. For heavily greased dishes: Pre-soak your dishes in water for 10 minutes before scrubbing with the diluted liquid.
How effective is it to clean greasy dishes?
The Better Home Dishwash Liquid contains plant-based surfactants that loosen the hold of tough food stains and cooking grease on the surfaces of dishes. To get rid of heavy grease, simply soak the dishes in water for 10 minutes before scrubbing.
Can it be used to wash kids' boxes, bottles etc?
Yes, our Dishwash Liquid uses mild, naturally derived surfactants that are hypoallergenic and safe for babies.
What if some dishwash liquid residue is left behind on dishes?
With The Better Home Dishwash Liquid, you don’t have to panic, because there’s nothing toxic or harmful for your health.
Can it be used in dishwashers?
The Better Home Dishwash Liquid is ideal for hand washing dishes. We do not recommend it for use in dishwashing machines.
Can we use it if you have cuts, wounds or nail infection?
If you have cuts, bruises, nail infections or open wounds, it is advised to keep the infected area dry to aid healing. We do not recommend exposing the wound to any cleaner until it heals.



Based on 4 reviews

Kaushik D

Easy and magical cleaning! So good for the hands too! I had allergies while using other dishwashing liquids and used to get dry hands and rashes. Not anymore! Plant-based ingredients are awesome and effective.

Neena Mookerjee

Try it if you care for the environment. This product is good for the environment and effective. I love its citrus aroma. I would recommend the brand to everyone I know.

Smriti Nair

Go for it. A very nice product. Really good. Buying this for the second time, as it doesn’t cause dry hands or allergic rashes, which is the added advantage you have other than being friendly to our environment.


Worth switching to! Removes grease and food odour from plates and other utensils completely. The dishwash liquid is also not harsh on hands. This is a regular now.