Product FAQs

Can it be used to clean other surfaces?
Yes. The Better Home Floor Cleaner contains naturally-derived surfactants that trap and remove dirt from the surface, along with non-pathogenic microbes that decompose organic matter. It is suitable for all hard surfaces like glass, marble, shiny polished tiles, concrete and granite. However, for areas with heavy grease like stovetops and kitchen counters, we recommend using The Better Home Multipurpose Cleaner.
Can this be used to wipe glass?
Yes, it can be used for cleaning glass. Dilute the cleaner in the ratio of 1 capful: 1 litre of water, spray on the glass surface and wipe down with a clean cloth.
Can my dog eat food off the floor after cleaning?
Yes, we love pets too, and The Better Home Floor Cleaner is pet friendly!
Can this be used on wooden flooring?
No. It is not recommended to clean wooden surfaces with water or any water-based cleaner. Dry mopping and regular polishing are ideal ways to clean and maintain wooden floors and surfaces.



Based on 7 reviews

Mohammad Ahmed

It's a must-buy product for a better home, I must say. I was awestruck after trying this floor cleaner by The Better Home. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this product. This cleaner absolutely gets rid of all the rigid stains on your floor as if they weren't even there in the first place! And the best part about this is, the wastewater generated is safe enough to water your plants.

Riddhi Jhunjhunwala

It's an effective synthetic chemical-free cleaner. Received The Better Home floor cleaner within 2 days of ordering it. I have been looking out for cleaning products without toxic chemicals and glad to have finally found THE one. I was initially sceptical, but this one's effective, and my floor feels super clean.

Sai Teja

The only reason why I bought The Better Home cleaner is that we have a Labrador Retriever puppy. She is allergic to regular toxic floor cleaners and used to get rashes all over the body. We tried a lot of medications, but no result. Finally, we stumbled across a doctor who identified the issue and advised us to use a pet-safe floor cleaner. Then we ordered The Better Home cleaner. The infection slowly reduced as there are no chemicals in this. It is a pet-safe cleaner. We love this product—cost-efficient and good result overall, a good floor cleaner.


The Floor cleaner works well. Adds shine to the floor after cleaning, non-slippery too. Surprisingly it kept some pests out with regular usage.

Dev. K

Normal floor cleaners irritate my pups skin. He started getting rashes on his belly. The rashes disappeared after a week of switching to this cleaner. It cleans the floor really well and leaves a good scent.


It's the best earth-friendly floor cleaning product EVER! This floor cleaner works wonders, especially in a household with pets. My dog is the happiest, and so are my plants ( I used the floor cleaning water for plants as it’s totally safe ).

Arvindh Sundar

I have a toddler who picks up things from the floor and puts it into her mouth. I’ve always been worried about the chemicals in heavy-duty cleaners. I’m really happy with the effectiveness of The Better Home’s floor cleaner. It also gives me a lot of peace of mind.