Product FAQs

How to use the laundry liquid?
For up to 6 kg load, or lightly soiled clothes: Use 30 ml or 4 capfuls of liquid. For 8 kg load, or heavily soiled clothes: Use 45 ml or 6 capfuls of liquid. For handwash: Dilute 30 ml or 4 capfuls of liquid for 1 bucket of clothes. For food-based and other organic stains: Apply the liquid directly on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing the garment by hand or adding it to the washing machine. For inorganic stains: Apply the liquid on the stain and let it sit for up to an hour. Scrub the stain by hand and add the garment to the washing machine. Ideal water temperature: Use room temperature water to save energy and see the best results.
How do I know that my clothes are clean?
The Better Home laundry liquid contains active enzymes and plant-based surfactants that lift the dirt and sweat off clothes and make them easy to wash away. It also deodorises the clothes by neutralising the foul odour.
Will my clothes retain their colour?
Yes, using The Better Home Laundry Liquid will preserve the colours of your clothes for a much longer time. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals that damage the texture of fabric and cause it to fade. It is made with eco-friendly, plant-based surfactants that are skin-friendly and suitable for washing delicate garments and natural fibres.
Why haven't you added a strong fragrance?
Most synthetic fragrances are made up of petroleum derivatives and are linked to allergies, headaches and respiratory distress. These fragrances are neither safe nor eco-friendly. Our laundry liquid is designed to be safe for human use and for the environment. As such it is free of strong, synthetic fragrances.
Will it make my clothes look white and bright?
Whiteness and brightness of laundered clothes is achieved by adding chlorinated bleaches and optical brighteners - both carcinogenic, inorganic chemicals that offer the illusion of whiteness. The Better Home Laundry Liquid contains only naturally derived surfactants that remove dirt and stains without harming our health or the environment.
Does it remove tough stains?
Of course it does! For food-based stains, apply the liquid directly on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing the garment by hand or adding it to the washing machine. For petrol-based stains and other inorganic stains (crude oil, ink etc): apply the liquid on the stain and let it sit for up to an hour. Scrub the stain by hand and add the garment to the washing machine.
Is it suitable for front load and top load washing machines?
The Better Home Laundry Liquid is free of harsh, foaming chemicals and is designed to ensure effective cleaning with minimum water consumption. Usually, front-loading washing machines are designed to be energy-and-water-efficient. They use 1/3rd the amount of water and detergent as top-loading ones. Our liquid laundry detergent is free of lather-producing additives. This makes it safe for both front load and top load machines.
Is it safe for all fabrics?
Yes. The Better Home Laundry Liquid is safe for all fabrics, including natural fibres and delicate garments.
Is the laundry liquid effective in hard water?
Yes. Hard water is mainly calcium. The water softener in our Laundry Liquid formula prevents the calcium from sticking to the fabric, thereby making it effective in hard water.



Based on 5 reviews

Tanuja P

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Better than any other detergent. I waited to write this review until I had used this product for 3 months. I am very pleasantly surprised at how well it works. It cleans thoroughly, even towels and bedsheets and leaves clothes soft with a mild, gentle fragrance.


It is an excellent eco-friendly product. Ever since I found out that chemical cleaners can cause cancer, I was looking for alternatives. Tried a few but you can literally see the list of chemicals used in the ingredients even though the ad says it's lemon-based or neem-based. Finally I got this one which is plant-based. I am super happy to make mine The Better Home.

Mohammed Ahmed

A better product for a better world. I bought this laundry liquid by The Better Home and trust me it was worth EVERY PENNY! After using this laundry liquid, I noticed that it doesn’t fade the colour of the garments and also softens them up. It is super easy to use! I loved the citrus fragrance that it gives out. I also loved the packaging as it comes in a well-bound, recyclable cardboard box.


I have been using the laundry liquid for almost a month and now I am more than satisfied. Although it is eco-friendly, it cleans the clothes thoroughly, even the collars and tough stains are washed away with no marks at all. No strong fragrance. I use a little less than the quantity mentioned on the package, still it shows ultimate results.


Definitely eco-friendly. I use a quick wash programme on my washing machine and it washes the clothes perfectly. Other brands leave lots of suds which require at least three times of rinsing leading to massive water wastage. This laundry liquid washes the clothes well and saves water.