Product FAQs

Is it safe for kids?
Yes, you can use it for kids above 5 years.
How long does it work after applying?
The Better Home Mosquito Repellent Body Spray should be very effective for 2-3 hours. Keep the bottle handy and apply on the exposed parts of the skin again.
Is there any added fragrance?
No, the fragrance of this product comes from its natural active ingredients.



Based on 5 reviews

Prasanna Kumar

I was very worried when my daughter used to return from the park in the evenings with many mosquito bites. The Better Home’s mosquito repellent body spray is super effective! It doesn’t have a harsh chemical smell. I love that it is Deet-free and does not irritate her skin. Works well indoors also for almost 4 hours.

Angela George

Before trying out The Better Home’s mosquito repellent spray, I was already using The Better Home’s laundry and dishwashing liquids. I tried this out and must say it is one of the best mosquito repellent products out there! We have entirely stopped other machines and creams.

R Jagannath

Pleasantly surprised to know something which is natural also works! I always thought Chennai mosquitoes vanish only with harsh chemicals. This feels so safe for sensitive skins too. Kudos to the team!

Vishwa Seth

I have tried so many mosquito repellents before, but all they gave me were rashes. I am happy that I stumbled upon The Better Home's mosquito repellent spray. It is really effective for 2-3 hours - mosquitoes don’t dare come close! Have to reapply after that.

Namit Das

This mosquito repellent spray is effective and gives you complete protection from mosquitoes even though it's free from harsh chemicals and DEET. It's made of natural ingredients, which makes it safe for kids too!