Product FAQs

Can I change the quantities of individual products in this kit?
No, the Starter Kit is a fixed combination of our 4 cleaners and it comes as a set.



Based on 4 reviews

Dr. Ramani Raju

I believe that I should contribute to the environment in whatever small way possible. That's why I switched to eco-friendly The Better Home products. I love every one of them because they save water by not causing too much lather. They are gentle on the hands. I subscribed to the products and never regretted it. Thank you The Better Home team!

Ram Kripal Upadhyaya

Being a kidney transplant recipient I started replacing all the chemicals in my house with safe products. The Better Home has been a blessing for me and my family. So also for the environment. My wife's hands which had become coarse with regular cleaners are back to normal. These cleaners are a must for every household.


Amazing products, so gentle on the hands & environment. Really high-quality products & packaging. Will buy this from now on !!

Amulya S

I live next door to a frothing lake and it’s impossible for me to notice the harm that our daily detergents cause to these water bodies. I made a conscious choice to use eco-friendly cleaners. I’m v happy with ‘The Better Home’ cleaners.