Product FAQs

How to use the toilet cleaner?
1. Pour an adequate quantity of the liquid into The Better Home Toilet Cleaner bottle and fix the trigger pump on the bottle. 2. Push the button to unlock the trigger pump. 3. Tilt the bottle or turn it upside down and press the pump to spray the liquid in and around the bowl and on the seat. Let it sit for 5 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing with water. Please note that there is no pipe attached to the pump, so the liquid will not be sprayed when the bottle is upright.
Will this "whiten" my toilet?
Regular toilet cleaners create whiteness on toilet bowls with a mixture of hydrochloric acid and chlorine bleach - both toxic, corrosive substances that pose several health concerns. The Better Home Toilet Cleaner contains active enzymes that eliminate the source of dirt and foul odour, giving you cleaner toilets without the toxic fumes.
Is it effective against hard water stains?
These stains are caused by the minerals present in hard water and require to be removed with the use of strong acids. The Better Home Toilet Cleaner is designed to get rid of dirt, grime and foul odour and it is free of harsh acids that emit toxic fumes.
Why is the nozzle of The Better Home Toilet Cleaner bottle designed the way it is?
The nozzle is designed for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in toilet bowls. It also allows you to control the volume of liquid used every time you clean. Use the trigger pump with the bottle upside down and press the trigger to spray.
Does it produce harsh fumes?
No. The Better Home Toilet Cleaner is free of chlorinated bleach and ammonia so there are no acidic gases or fumes emitted.



Based on 6 reviews

Sujit Sharma

It is not harsh like regular toilet cleaners and it does the job well. I am delighted with the purchase. What could be a better solution for folks who want to swap chemical cleaners with toxic-free products and be kinder to the planet at the same time?

Purnamma Balaganchi

I like it for its ability to clean spotlessly. There is no reason to dislike it.

Naomi Raphael

I am delighted with the product’s odour; the toilet cleaner leaves a pleasing aroma, it is pretty effective.


Pros: Easy to use; cleans effectively; less wait time before rinsing; mildly scented, and eco-friendly. Cons: None.


It feels really good when you swap your harsh chemical toilet cleaner for a safe & eco-friendly cleaner. The Better Home toilet cleaner does the job perfectly. I love its mild fragrance as well. Great product overall.

Evania Pinto

Even though it is eco-friendly, it's as effective as the regular cleaners, in fact, even better than them! I was looking for toxic free versions of toilet cleaners, and I am glad that The Better Home toilet cleaner did not disappoint me.