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All Purpose Cleaner

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All Purpose Cleaner

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Multipurpose Cleaner | 500 ml bottle | Safe, Non-toxic Surface Cleaner
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Multipurpose Cleaner | 500 ml bottle | Safe, Non-toxic Surface Cleaner

Clean, green and never mean. Our multi-purpose cleaner is simply th...
Clean, green and never mean. Our mult...
Rs. 230.00 Rs. 449.00

Multipurpose Cleaners:

Home cleaning is essential for every home. A clean house is more hygienic and makes your home look neat and tidy. By keeping your house clean, you can avoid many health problems like allergies, allergies, asthma and infectious diseases. Plus, a clean house gives you a sense of well-being and boosts your self-esteem.

In most cases, the cleaning products we use are made to deal with specific surfaces. For example, it's a good idea to use a bathroom cleaner for the bathroom and a grease cutter for the kitchen. This will ensure that you don't use the wrong product to clean an area and end up damaging your surfaces or finish.

All-In-One Dirt Fighter

The main benefit of using a multipurpose cleaner is that you won't need to buy several different cleaners, saving both time and money. Since they are designed to work on multiple surfaces, they save you the time and effort of having to research different cleaners for different surfaces. The cleaner works by removing dirt and grime from the surface you are cleaning.

Chemical Cleaners Vs. Natural Cleaners

However, chemical cleaners may be doing more harm than good for you and your family. Some chemicals such as chlorine bleach found in these cleaners should never be used around pets or children because they can cause severe irritation to their eyes or skin. This irritation could lead to infection or permanent damage in some cases.

In addition to these health risks, chemicals can also be harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly. Even small amounts of chemicals can add up and pollute our water supply and soil. Instead, opt for The Better Home's multipurpose cleaner that is formulated with the power of plant-based ingredients. Just spray on the surface and wipe the dirt away with ease. It can effortlessly remove tough grease and oil deposits, wax, soot, adhesive and all other dirt and grime.

Plant-based Goodness

The Better Home's multipurpose cleaner is packed with plant-based surfactants that make it 100% safe, environment-friendly, and biodegradable. Now you can avoid the struggle of finding several cleaners for surfaces with grease and oil stains without compromising on your family's health. It is usable on surfaces like sinks, shelves, dining tables, chimneys, walls, and other appliances. Formulated with citrus peel oil, this cleaner expertly removed oil, grease, and tough stains. It is free of industrial-grade chemicals like Ammonia or Phosphate.



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